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How to Get an Investor/Business Manager Visa

If you would like to start up a business in Japan, you always think about your visa status.
First of all, if you are lucky enough to have "Permanent Visa", "Spouse to Japanese National Visa", "Spouse to Permanent Resident Visa" or "Long-term Resident Visa", you have nothing to worry about the visa. Just click here to see how to establish a business in Japan..

If not, you need to think about your visa in order to establish and mange your business in Japan.

You have to think whether you need to stay in Japan or not. You may also run a business outside Japan and come to Japan for only business negotiations. If you stay in Japan less than 90 days and receive no salary, all you need is to get a temporary visitor visa outside Japan. In this case, You do not need to worry about your visa a lot.

You are sure to stay in Japan and run a business, whille you do not have a magical visa as mentioned above, you need to obtain an Investor/Business Manager Visa.


What are the requiremts?
Basically, there are 3 important requirements.

1) Business stability

You need to prove by your business plan. Or if you have already started the business and run your business from outside Japan, you can prove by the financial statements.
Your educational background and work experience can be also referred as evidence.

2) Office

You need to have an office leased or purchased under the name of the company. Residence cannot be considered as an office. You should be careful if you would like to set up a SOHO type office.

3) Investment or Employment

You need to either invest at least 5 million yen or employ 2 full-time Japanese ore permanent resident workers.
The easiest way to clear this requirement is to establihs a company with 5 million yen capital.

Only after you cleared all the above requirements, you can submit a COE or change application for Investor/Business Manager Visa.

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