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How to Establish a Business in Japan

You want to start up a business in Japan? You may start the business privately without establishing a corporation. But I strongly recommed either register the branch office of the foreign compay or establish either a Kabushiki Kaisha or a Godo Kaisha.
IMPORTANT NOTE: From July 9, 2012 onward, foreigner without a bank account in Japan cannot establish a company alone. You need some one who has address and bank account in Japan to establish a company.

A) Branch Office

You do not need to re-invest in Japan to open a branch office in Japan.
Government Fee: 90,000 yen
You need;

  • a) Document to prove your company legally exists in your home country
  • b) Document to prove the type of your company
  • c) Document to designate the representative of your branch office in Japan
    (The representative in Japan must have the address in Japan)

B) Company

Kabushiki Kaisha (Company Limited)

Minimum capital requirement no longer exists. Only one shareholder and director can establish this company. Auditor is optional.
Government Fee: 200,000 yen
How to Establish a Kabushiki Kaisha

  • 1) Decide the details of the company (name, address, shareholders, directors, business purposes, etc)
  • 2) Attest the Articles of Incorporation (Teikan) at the notary public
  • 3) Pay the capital
  • 4) Register the company

Godo Kaisha (Limited Liabilities Company)

Only one investor can establish a company. This company is designed for small businesses or holding companies.
Government Fee: 60,000 yen
How to Establish a Godo Kaisha

  • 1) Decide the details of the company (name, address, investors, business purposes, etc)
  • 2) Pay the capital
  • 4) Register the company

Do you need an "Investor/Business Manager" visa through the company you establish?
In this case, 5 million yen of capital investment is highly recommended when you establish your company.

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